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OTCA News (August 28, 2017)

posted Aug 28, 2017, 7:29 PM by bing wen
Released by Charles Wong

一年之計始於秋, 你對養生健魄有什麽新計劃和看法嗎?

九月份開始, 渥太華太極拳學會每逢星期六, 再次為會員開班教授以下拳術課程:

  • 楊式傳統太極拳85(中級和初級班) - 袁德安老師,黃慰願老師
  • 吳式太極拳83 Marc Carriere老師
  • 陳式太極拳實用拳法(中級和初級班) - 譚華沾老師,譚仲明老師
  • 陳式小架太極拳64 (中級和初級班)– 王桂榮老師,楊建平老師

今年有幸得到孫氏太極拳第三代傳人袁德安老師首肯,星期六下午一時半到三時半,Tom Brown Arena教授孫氏太極拳。這是太極拳學會第一次開的孫氏太極拳班,希望有興趣學孫氏太極拳的朋友,不要錯過良機。

九月十六日上午 9:30 -11:30 am, 為開放日. 将示範所開課的全部内容, 並為會員及學員選課註册.  地點在成人中學 (300 Rochester St)餐廰.

會員年費為$35. 各項課程分上, 下兩學期, 一期學費為 $70. 可付現金或支票,付與 OTCA.

因每班限六至二十人. 先來先報名. 有興趣的拳友請留意趕個早.


1. 在家打印附上的註册表(或上網www.ottawa-taichi.ca下載),最好双面。

2. 填好註册表及在第二頁的Wavier Page簽名。

3. 開支票給OTCA, 會員年費35元。學生註册另加70元。

4. 九月十六日上午九時半到成人中學(Adult High School, 300 Rochester St,, Cafeteria)交註册表和支票。

5. 如果當日不能親自報名,註册可以由朋友代辦(必需有填妥的報名表和支票)

6. 九月廿三日開始上課和太極會活動.


Summer is almost over, and OTCA is busy planning for September open house and registration again.

Starting September, OTCA will offer the following classes on Saturday at Adult High School (9:30-11:30 am):

  • Yang Style Traditional Taichi Chuan - Master Yuan De An and Master Wayne Huang
  • Wu Style Taichi Chuan - Master Marc Carriere
  • Chen Style Practical Method - Master James Tam, Master Ming Tam
  • Chen Style Small Form - Master Wang Gui Rong, Master Yang Jian Ping

Saturday 1:30-3:30 pm, Sun Style taichi Chuan class will be offered at Tom Brown Arena by Master Yuan.

The Open House and Registration will be on September 16 between 9:30 AM and 11:30 at Adult High School @ 300 Rochester Street. Please note, there is ONLY one open house day this year.  We will demonstrate various styles to help you to choose which one suits your needs the most.  Classes size are limited to 6-20, so please come early to avoid disappointment. Registration at Open House only.  For further details, please see and

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Aug 28, 2017, 7:29 PM