News Release from OTCA Chair (Mayu 15, 2013)

Post date: May 18, 2013 12:55:44 AM

By Charles Wong, OTCA Chair

We had a successful OTCA Annual General Meeting on May 4. Students of Hun Yuan, Yang, Wu, Chen and Tai Chi sword classes, led by their instructors, demonstrated what they had learned and drew enthusiastic applauses from the audience. Congratulations for another successful year!

Reports from Chairman and treasurer were given, followed by the election of new executives. The new board for 2013-2014 consists of the following positions:

Chair: Charles Wong

Vice-Chair : Amy Wong, Marc Carriere

Secretary: Lori Root

Treasurer: Isabel Chang

Membership: Masako Lovatt, Frank Lau, Elim Chan, Jennifer Tong

Social: Agnes Mah, Winnie Tang, Pat Lam, Wendy Trudell

Webmaster: Bing Wen

Facebook: Marc Carriere

Library: Winnie Tang, Frank Lau

Program Development: Marc Carriere, Pat Lam

Public Relation: Charles Wong, Amy Wong

Member at large: Andrea Young

Minutes of AGM is attached (attachment C)

Please mark your calender for the following dates:

May 18th – Victoria Day, no classes

Mar 25th – Last day of classes

June 1 – Aug. 31st – Summer practice at Dow’s Lake (Sat. 9:30-11:30 AM)

June 8th – OTCA BBQ party at Andrew Haydon Park (9:30AM – 2 PM)

Please reserve your ticket from instructors and executives asap (by June 1)

June 22 and 23 – Ottawa Dragon Boat Race Festival, OTCA will have Tai Chi performances in the afternoon, please support the festival volunteer drive.

July 13th - Music and Beyond Festival - OTCA will perform Tai Chi at the Dominion Chalmers Church at 10 – 11 AM.

Sept. 7th – Registration for members and Tai Chi classes (Yang, Wu, Chen, Hun Yuan, sword)

More information may be found at

OTCA website :