Post date: Jul 19, 2015 4:37:06 PM

by Amy Wong

*** English version will follow ***

依據慣例, 每年夏天渥太華太極學會都组團去 Beechwood 墳場祭拜黎婉華師傅和幾位拳友.

今年訂在七月二十五日星期六. (1:30 - 3 pm), 去之前團員也乘此機會一起團聚享用午餐. 時間是中午12:00, 地點在 1060 St Laurent Blvd, Brother Wu Restaurant.

團員在當日9:30 至11:30 在 Dow's Lake 練完拳之後歡迎加入聚餐, 可自行决定参與接下來的掃墓活動. More detail: Charles Wong 613-820-0048.

慶祝三十週年晚會的記錄DVD, 如今已由張國榮製作完成. 會员們可以借出觀赏! 詳情可向 圖書組的Winnie Tang 查詢.

預告:下一年度的開放日訂於九月十九日舉行. 到時希望新舊學生和團員出席註册. 到時有課程示範.



It's OTCA's tradition that we go to Beechwood Cemetery to pay our respects to the founding master (1985-1998) of OTCA, Master Yuen Wah Lai, and other OTCA friends. This year, we will visit on July 25 (Saturday). After Dow's Lake practice, interested members can gather for lunch first at Brother Wu Restaurant (1060 St. Laurent Blvd) at noon, and we will then head to the Beechwood Cemetery at around 1:30 PM. You are welcome to join us for lunch only, visit cemetery only, or both. For further details, please contact Charles Wong at 613-820-0048.

To celebrate 30th Anniversary, a special 30th Anniversary Celebration DVD has been prepared by Quoc Vinh Truong. It is now available at the OTCA library. If you are interested to borrow, please contact Winnie Tang.

Even we are only in the mid-Summer, we want to let you all know that the OTCA open house will be on September 19 (Saturday). There will be only one open house day this year. We hope to see all members and students to join us again for registration and class demonstrations. We hope to see you to extend this invitation to your friends and families also. If there is further question, please email info@ottawa-taichi.ca.

I want to also encourage you all to like our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/OttawaTaichi and www.Ottawa-Taichi.ca with most up-to-date information.

Happy Summer.