OTCA News - Aug. 28, 2016

Post date: Aug 28, 2016 4:32:19 PM

Ottawa Taichi Chuan Association news (August 28, 2016)

The Ottawa Taichi Chuan Association (OTCA) established in 1985 is a nonprofit organization dedicated in promoting health and wellness in the Ottawa region through Tai Chi and Qigong exercises, demonstrations, workshops and classes. With 37 years of history and experience, OTCA has been well recognized, and we have more and more students from different background, and the expectation of our classes are higher also.

Based on a progressive and pragmatic concept, this year, OTCA has decided to add separate beginner and intermediate classes for Yang Style Traditional Taichi Chuan, Chen Style Practical Method YiLu, and Chen Style Small Form. The Beginner classes are designed for beginners to lay a concrete foundation, by introducing the Taichi forms, the course of action, and the essentials of the main requirements. The Intermediate classes are for those who already learnt the forms who want to enhance their skills. There will be a significant increase in our interested students (especially, the intermediate class which has a cap of 20 students per class). If you are interested to registered, please attend our open house and registration session on September 17 between 9:30 and 11:30. For the enthusiasts of Wu Style Taichi, after our beloved and dedicated Master Gang Wang moved to Toronto, OTCA is very fortunate to have Chantal Capistran to join our teaching team to continue to flourish Wu Style Taichi.

Our teaching team this year is as follows:

    • Traditional Yang Style Taichi Chuan - Yuan De An, Huang Weiyuan (Wayne)

    • Chen Style Practical Method YiLu – James Tam, Ming Tam

    • Chen Style Taichi Small Form - Wang Kwei Rong, Sim Tiong-Hoe

    • Wu style Taichi Chuan - Chantal Capistran

With the guidance from various Taichi teachers, we can master the correct essentials and methods. At the same time, practicing with like-minded friends is very crucial. Therefore, OTCA also reserves Tom Brown Arena (every Saturday between 2PM and 4PM) for members to practice, free of charge. Members are also welcome to practice other Taichi styles, push hands, fans, sword, bing, etc. at Tom Brown Arena also.

OTCA’S Open House will be on September 17. We welcome all Taichi enthusiasts and friends to come visit us, and any Taichi related questions are welcome. Our various teachers and teaching assistants will also be on-site to assist our potential students to choose their ideal Taichi form.

September 17 is also our registration day. Note, as there is a limit of each class size, we recommend you to come early to choose your preferred class.

Open House and Registration details:

Saturday, September 17, 2016 at 9:30 AM – 11:30 AM

Adult High School, 300 Rochester Street, Cafeteria

Membership Fee: $35 per year

Student Fee: $70 per semester

More detail information:

Charles Wong (613-820-0048)

http://ottawa-taichi.ca; or www.facebook.com/ottawa.taichi