OTCA News (March 11, 2015)

Post date: Mar 11, 2015 3:41:42 PM

OTCA News (March 11, 2015)

The distribution of the free OTCA 30th Anniversary T-shirts will be continued at the cafeteria this coming Saturday (March 14). One free T-shirt per person, but welcome to purchase additional ones ($10 each).

At the same time, you can also purchase the OTCA 30th Anniversary celebration party admission tickets. The celebration party will be held on Saturday, April 18 (6 – 9:30 pm) at Tom Brown Arena. Each ticket is only $20, which entitles you free buffet, drink, souvenir, door prizes, and most importantly, FUN! We will also have taichi demonstrations from our instructors and other guests, beautiful Chinese music will be performed by Sing Wave Musical Band. This is an event that you definitely do not want to miss!

Info: http://ottawa-taichi.ca www.facebook.com/ottawa.taichi

PS. Following message is the news release to local Chinese news medias.

渥太華太極拳學會慶祝30週年餐會(April 18, 2015)

渥太華太極拳學會自1985年成立以來, 一直得到本地中外朋友的愛護和支持, 推廣太極拳運動是成績裴然的(今年會員122, 超半都是學員) 。今年將在四月十八, 星期六, 下午六時至九時半, 舉辦慶祝成立30週年餐會, 當晚表演節目頗多, 更邀請到聲威國樂社助慶, 多項太極 (陳式小架二路, 陳式36式, 孫氏太極劍, 太極刀, 導引太極掌,,, 等) 將在悠和的國樂中表演, 那將是這個餐會的特別亮點。

由於場地(Tom Brown Arena, 141 Bayview Road) 關係, 票數有限, 希望朋友們儘早購票($20), 讓我們早作安排。

聯絡: 黄自健 (613) 820-0048