OTCA News Updates and Summer Schedule

Post date: Jun 20, 2012 9:39:20 PM

Provided by Charles Wong

1. Annual BBQ was held successfully on Saturday, June 2 at Andrew Haydon Park; about sixty members attended. Ontario Volunteer Awards ceremony – Isabel Chang (10 years) and Winnie Tang (15 years) have received invitations to attend on June 8. Many thanks to Isabel and Winnie.

2. Summer practice at Dow’s Lake for all members and friends started since June 9 - Every Saturday (9:30 – 11:30 AM) till Sept. 1, 2012.

3. Summer practice at Dojang ( 261 Centrepointe Dr. Nepean) is also continued - every Friday evening (7 – 9 PM) for all members.

4. Tai Chi Performance in Dragon Boat Festival Dates: Saturday, June 23 and Sunday, June 24, 2012. Time: 1:45 PM Place: Mooney’s Bay Park

5. OTCA facebook page is created and actively updated, you and all friends are welcome to join this group, you may share more update info on OTCA. More details is given in Frank Lau’s email.

6. OTCA web page (http://ottawa-taichi.ca) will be updated, your input and commence are welcome.

7. To improve OTCA programs next year, Program Development Committee will send you a survey soon, your prompt reply is valued and appreciated.

8. Summer luncheon & Beechwood visit - July 14th. After morning practice at Dow’s Lake, we will have lunch at Emerald Buffet (formerly Dubarry’s on Montreal Rd) around 11:30 am and then proceed to cemetery (1-3 PM). We do it around the time of the founding master’s passing to pay our respects to her and other members who have passed away.