OTCA Registration

Post date: Aug 28, 2018 1:19:47 PM

OTCA’s Open House will be on September 8. We welcome all Taichi enthusiasts and friends to come visit us, and any Taichi related questions are welcome. Our various teachers and teaching assistants will also be on-site to assist our potential students to choose their ideal Taichi form.

Various taichi chuans will be demonstrated (Yang, Wu, Chen – Practical Method Yilu, Chen – Small Forms and Sun).

September 8 is also our registration day for members and students. Note, as there is a limit of each class size, we recommend you to come early to choose your preferred class.

Beside member practice, we will have 4 different classes in the morning at the Adult High School (300 Rochester St.):

- Yang Style 85-Step (Beginners and Intermediate)

- Chen Style Small Form 64-Step (Beginnersand Intermediate)

- Chen Style Practical Method Yilu (Beginners and Intermediate)

- Wu Style 16-Step

In the afternoon at Tom Brown Arena (141 Bayview Rd.), we will have:

- Sun Style (only for returning Sun Style students from 2017/2018)

- Yang Style Simplified 24-Step with taichi fundamental