Ottawa Taichi Chuan Association News (May 18, 2014)

Post date: May 21, 2014 12:59:41 PM

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On Saturday, May 3, 2014, we had our annual general meeting. We had various taichi classes (Chen Style Small Form, Chen Style Hunyuan, Wu Style, Yeung Style) students demonstrated in the AGM, which were very impressive, and special thanks to all our outstanding, experienced instructors. Afterward, our chairperson and treasurer reported the status of our association and financial standing. 2013/2014 was the most difficult yet the most successful year of the OTCA. The difficult part was the school board has changed and requested the OTCA to pay rent for the use of the Adult High School, which significantly exceeded our financial expectation. In addition, the OTCA has become fully responsible for all taichi classes run at the AHS. Fortunately, we also had few most experienced taichi instructors in Ottawa joining us this school year. This year, the OTCA had significant more students and members. With the long history of the OTCA and the belief in promoting taichi and good health, we had more and more members joining us. The incredible number of members and students outweighed our financial challenge.

2014/2015 will mark the 30th Anniversary of the OTCA. The OTCA has evolved from Chinese-oriented taichi association to boarder audience. This year, Marc Carriere, is the chairperson of the association. Marc is responsible for long-term development and day-to-day operation of the association. Amy Wong is the vice chair, and she is responsible for public relationship. The other vice chair is Charles Wong, who is responsible for the 30th Anniversary of the OTCA. Beside, Andrea Yong, Masako Lovatt, Pat Lam, Isabel Wong, Agnes Mah, Winnie Tang, Elim Chan, Jennifer Tong, Bing Wen, Xia-Cheng Wang, Frank Lau are responsible for secretary, treasurer, registration, library management, social, program development, web and etc.

Saturday, May 24 will be the last day of class at the AHS for 2013/2014 school year. Starting May 31 and until August 30, every Saturday between 9:30 and 11:30, we will be at the Dow’s Lake to continue our practices while enjoying the lovely Summer. As requested by many OTCA members, the board of directors hopes to organize summer classes this year at Dow’s Lake, which will include push hand, and taichi bang. We are organizing at the moment, and hopefully the class will start in early June. Besides, additional Wednesday evening (7-9 pm) practice at Hintonburg Community Center is continued till June 25.

On Saturday, June 7, after our morning practice at the Dow’s Lake, OTCA will participate in the 10,000 Steps Challenge at the Plant Recreation Centre, 930 Somerset Street West between noon and 3:00PM. We hope all members and families/friends can join us for this healthy event.

Sunday, June 8 will be our annual BBQ party, which will be held at Andrew Haydon Park between 9:00 AM and 4:00 PM. It is such leisure to practice taichi in the beautiful Andrew Haydon Park, which many of our members looking forward to, ticket price is $10.

On June 21, and June 22, the OTCA will, as usual, demonstrate tai chi chuan and chi gong in the Dragon Boat Festival. This year, the demonstration will be held between 1:00 PM and 2:00 PM at Main Tent at the Mooney Bay. All people are welcome, and the admission and parking is free of charge.

For the Music and Beyond, last year, the OTCA demonstrated taichi with live Chinese orchestra, which was much applauded by our audience. This year, on Saturday, July 12 between 11AM and noon, the OTCA will perform with the Sing Wave Chinese Music Band again. We are looking forward for all members and families/friends to join us again.

The OTCA’s mission is to promote good health. This year, on Sunday, October 5, the OTCA will formed a team joining CIBC Run for the Cure fundraising event. We hope you will join our team and/or donate to our participants. The detail for the run can be found in

To know more about the OTCA, please refer to our website at and our Facebook page You may also contact Charles Wong at 613-820-0048 for additional information.



學會成立進入三十年了,五月初的週年大會,先有各太極班學生(陳式小架、陳式心意混元太極,吳式太極,楊式太極) 的學期終表演,衆人套路純熟,多能表达太極鬆柔的一面, 真証實了“良師出高徒”的重要!跟着是會長和财务報告,今年是學㑹成立以來,最艱辛但亦是最成功的一年, 因为教育局突然要征收重重租金,大大超出財政預算之外, 同时太極班的所有運作,今年開始也正式全部由學㑹負責, 好慶幸得到本市幾位最有名的太極著名師傅加入訓練團隊, 所以學員人數劇增、又由於學會成立歷史悠久, 一直堅持推廣太極拳運動的宗旨, 得到主流社會認同,故此不斷有新會員加入,這種種因素都做成了場地不敷應用和整體運作的困擾。 最後幸運地得到幹事、會员和學員的體諒和合作,事情才得到解决。

學㑹經過了30年平穩地發展,成積可觀已得到中外朋友認可, 今年理事會決定重用和栽培新血, 加強跟主流社會合作, 一齊推廣太極拳運動, 務使朋友們都有個健康身心生活。 所以今屆理事會首次選出非華裔的Marc Carriere為㑹長,負責長遠目標發展,副會長是黃嘉儀, 負責推廣社會服務, 另一副會長黃自健負責舉辦慶祝學會成立30年活动,此外Andrea Young, Masako Lovatt, 林珠重,王亞平, 馬秀珠,鄧綺華, 陳伊琳, 湯秀珍, 温冰, 王夏成, Frank Lau等人, 分别負責秘書, 財政, 㑹員註册, 圖書錄像管理, 文娱, 活动研發等小組。

五月廿四是在成人中學活動最後的一天, 從五月卅一開始至八月卅日, 每星期六上午九時半至十一時半,將在Dow's Lake継續夏天戶外練習, 在鳥語花香環境下,每年都吸引很多愛好太極拳的朋友一齊運動。經過多位朋友要求,希望夏天能夠舉辦推手和太極棒班,目前正緊密籌備中,希望從六月初可以開始上課。另外, 逢星期三晚上(7-9) 在Hintonburg Community Center, 仍將免費給會員練習。

六月七日上午在Dow's Lake練習後, 下午(12 - 3)將響應本市的10,000 Steps Challenge 活動,集合地㸃是Plant Recreation Centre, 930 Somerset St. West, 希望所有朋友都能夠一齊參與這個有利心身的步行運動。

六月八日星期日是學㑹週年BBQ Party, 今年仍舊在Andrew Haydon Park 舉行,從上午九時至下午四時,朋友們既可以享受湖光美境和燒烤樂趣,又可以練習太極拳和聊天。那是許多朋友每年期待的節目。餐券是十元。

六月廿一、廿二日本市的龍舟比賽節,學會將如往年一樣參與盛舉,兩天下午(1-2)在Mooney Bay, Main Tent 表演各種太極拳和太極氣功, 歡迎所有朋友參觀,入場是免費的。

渥太華音樂節,去年太極拳配上中國音樂(live)的表演,很得中外來賓讃賞, 今年七月十二星期六上午(11-12)學會和聲威中樂社將再度聯手表演,宣揚中國文化,希望各位朋友繼續捧場。

積極支持和參與本地社團活動是學會主要既定策略,所以今年十月五日將継續響應由加拿大乳癌基金會主辦的CIBC Run for the Cure籌款運動,同時學會也將組團參加, 希望更多朋友支持這個善舉, 詳情請閱

有關渥太華太極拳學會最新消息, 詳情請向黃自健 (613-820-0048),或在本會網頁 查詢。