OTCA's News (August 2020) // 渥太华太极拳学会简报(八月号)

Post date: Aug 24, 2020 6:08:40 PM

Dear members and students:

COVID-19 Updates

Masks to be worn in Public indoor spaces.

Indoor gatherings are limited to 50 persons.

Physical distancing and hand sanitization continues.

At this time OCDSB needs to ensure the safety of the users and staff of their schools and requires unencumbered time to prepare facilities for the start of the upcoming school year. During this time, OTCA cannot book permits for the 2020-2021 school year.

Based on the above, OTCA executive has made a decision not to re-start OTCA activities and classes until January 2021. Should the OCDSB decided not to rent their facilities for the coming school year, OTCA will suspend all activities and classes until September 2021.

Rest assured that OTCA is working behind the scenes to bring everyone back as soon and as safely as possible. OTCA will continue with monthly updates and keep the membership informed.

During these COVID times many of you may feel lost without your Tai Chi friends. OTCA encourages you to invite a few friends to go outdoors and practice Tai Chi together while the weather is warm and sunny. Many of the public parks, such as Dow’s Lake/Commissioner’s Park, have lovely views, space to physically distance and sitting areas to rest.

OTCA Executive






我們舆渥太華卡爾頓區學區局 (OCDSB) 作出確認,為確保其學校用戶和教職員工的安全,並需要時間為下一個學年的開始準備設施。 在此期間,OTCA無法預訂2020-2021學年的場地許可證。


OTCA仍然進行規劃工作,希望盡快在安全情况下作出復課安排。 OTCA將繼續進行每月更新報告,向會員提供最新情況。

疫情期間,相信你們有些人掛念其他太極朋友。 OTCA鼓勵您在好天氣時邀請幾個朋友到戶外陽光下一起練習太極拳。 許多公園,例如(Dows Lake)/(Commissioners Park),都享有美麗的景色,廣闊的空間可以實行2米身體距離,以及多個地點可以坐下休息。

OTCA Executive