OTCA News April 2021 / 渥太華太極拳學會簡報(四月號)

Post date: Apr 19, 2021 2:09:45 AM


Ottawa is in the Red (Control) Region

There are still limits in gathering, for 10 people indoor, 25 people outdoor

Canada has approved four vaccines for COVID

Dear students, members, and instructors,

Spring is here! It is a time of rebirth, and many trees are blossoming. It is very nice for walks outside, and hope you enjoy this fresh season of the year.

Not so happy news, Ottawa was only in Orange (Restricted) zone for such a short time period, and is now back to the Red (Control) zone. The news said it might even change to Grey (Lockdown) zone sometimes today. Therefore, whatever you choose to do, please stay safe. The good side is the vaccine rollout is for people 70 years old and above now. If you are interested in the details, it can be found in http://ottawa.ca/health-and-public-safety/covid-19-ottawa/vaccine-distribution.

Even Easter is fast approaching. After consulting with our dear teachers, all ZOOM sessions will be held this Easter weekend. Thanks to all our teachers’ dedication and enthusiasm.

ZOOM Taichi Sessions hosted by OTCA on Saturdays

Hunyuan by Master James Tam - 9:30AM-10:30AM

Traditional Yang 85-Step by Master Weiyuan (Wayne) Huang - 11:00AM-Noon

Chen Small Form by Master Wang Kwei Rong – 2:00PM-3:00PM

Join Zoom Meeting: https://zoom.us/j/5764176865?pwd=SVZBb0s0c3JhN2ZHb29aRFRBWnlVZz09

Meeting ID: 576 417 6865

Passcode: 521057

Wayne also shared many instructional videos on YouTube for Traditional Yang 85-Step. I found they are super beneficial. If interested, please check … https://youtube.com/channel/UCq2g8xYlBnPb45p7QX6raqg

See you in the next month newsletter. Stay safe and stay strong.

OTCA Executives






春天來臨,大地回春。大家有沒有多點出外舒展筋骨呢?渥太華只經過短短一個月新冠橙色(限制)地區,又回到紅色(控制)地區,亦有消息傳聞今天會轉灰色區(封鎖),大家出入要小心呀。可幸現在安省70歲以上人仕可選擇接受疫苗。詳情可參閱 http://ottawa.ca/health-and-public-safety/covid-19-ottawa/vaccine-distribution



混元太極 (譚華沾 老師) – 09:30AM-10:30AM

楊式傳統85式(黃慰願 老師) - 11:00AM-中午

陳式小架(王桂榮 老師) - 2:00PM-3:00PM

加入 ZOOM 會議: https://zoom.us/j/5764176865?pwd=SVZBb0s0c3JhN2ZHb29aRFRBWnlVZz09

會議ID:576 417 6865

密碼: 521057

黃慰願老師還在 YouTube 分享了很多楊式傳統85式的教學影片,解釋詳盡,我們實在得益良多!https://youtube.com/channel/UCq2g8xYlBnPb45p7QX6raqg


OTCA Executives